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Welcome to the Brentwood Ishinryu Karate club website. Brentwood Ishinryu Karate club was reformed in May 2006 by Sensei Andy Bidder 4th Dan.

Our club has a growing number of junior and senior students and offers a friendly and structured instruction in the art of karate. The style of karate that is taught at the club is called Ishinryu, which was formed by Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 9th Dan in 1973.

If you are new to karate, wishing to return to training after a break or wanting to change karate styles, get in touch with us for details in joining our club.

Students try karate for many different reasons, however if your objective is to progress through the grades to gain the coveted Black Belt, then with regular attendance and correct training, we will help you achieve your goal.

While learning karate, you will gain self confidence and learn self-defence, while at the same time get yourself in great shape.


Regular club 'Gradings' take place, depending on the level of progress and attendance record of each student.  All classes are structured to the level, experience and ability of the students. All club instructors are fully insured and have been police clearance.

We accept juniors from the age of 6 years old. If you are interested in joining as a beginner (adult or junior level), we run a 4 week induction class, after which you would join the main class.

New club members are always welcome, so if you feel like trying karate, give us a call or Send an Email to the club.

Next Beginner Class

Karate courses for beginners are held frequently and are available for juniors and adults. 
Find Out information on the next beginner course.
You can also contact the Club Line on 07939 416 835 or via email to book your place.

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